During the hot summer months, the one thing that we don’t look forward to is the heat inside the car. Starting your car and cooling it down before getting in is a great way to make sure your vehicle is comfortable. If the air conditioner isn’t cooling enough, it may be low on refrigerant. Most cars hold 32 ounces or less of refrigerant, so if it runs low it can cause slow cooling issues. Too make sure you stay cool, bring your vehicle in to Japanese Automotive Professional Service to have the refrigerant levels checked before we enter the dog days of summer!

Also, for our Facebook Friends (you must “like” our page on Facebook to be eligible), for the special price of $49.95 we will do the following:

Change oil & filter (up to 5qts, synthetic extra)
Rotate tires
Check Brakes
Check Belts & Hoses
Check All Exterior Lighting
Check A/C Output Temp
Perform a visual inspection of the complete vehicle.

Let us prepare your car for you vacation trip, and rest assured that you will travel safely.


Jody Coltrane