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About Us

Our Founding: A Testament to Mentorship and Passion

Japanese Automotive first swung its doors open in 1989, under the proficient leadership of Robert Jones. The same establishment gave me, Jody Coltrane, my early lessons in automotive repair. Joining the team in 1991, I was mentored by Robert, who not only honed my skills but also supported my ventures outside Japanese Automotive, including the inception of a collision center. My journey with the shop came full circle when, after selling the collision center, I returned to Robert in 2001. A pivotal moment arrived in 2006 when my wife, Niki, and I took the reins from Robert, propelling the business forward with our combined vision.

Our Commitment: Value, Relationships, and Expertise

Our long-standing history, especially our focus on Asian-manufactured vehicles, sets us apart. We take pride in offering superior value over dealerships, a feat achieved through robust relationships with parts vendors. More than business, we prioritize fostering enduring bonds with our clients, guiding them through their automotive needs.

Our Journey: A Blend of Experience and Innovation

The leadership baton has changed hands just once in our history – from Robert Jones (1989-2006) to us, Jody and Niki Coltrane (2006-present). My initiation into auto repair traces back to a Nissan dealership post-high school, and since 1987, I’ve been immersed in this realm. Niki, a hairstylist and photographer, infuses the business with creativity, steering our vision and team dynamics.

Our Team: The Backbone of Our Success

Beyond us, our facility thrives thanks to our dedicated team: five skilled technicians and two proficient Service Advisors. Their longevity with us speaks volumes about our harmonious work environment and shared passion for automotive excellence.

Beyond the Garage: Life, Love, and Music

Outside the workshop, our hearts resonate with diverse beats. My previous tryst with auto racing showcases my penchant for speed, while our shared love for music sees me at the drums and Niki mastering the bass in our band. But our most cherished moments? They’re spent cheering for our two daughters, Sadie and Ava, as they dazzle in their cheerleading endeavors.

Family Ties: The Core of Our Being

Two decades of marital bliss and parenthood to Sadie (15) and Ava (11) have enriched our lives in ways beyond measure. Our family stands as our pillar, shaping our values and vision, both in business and life.

Japanese Automotive – Your Source For Auto Repair In Alpharetta, GA!

At Japanese Automotive, you aren’t just walking into a repair shop; you’re entering a legacy. A tale of mentorship, passion, and family. From Robert Jones to us, the Coltrane family, we welcome you to experience automotive service steeped in tradition, expertise, and genuine care.

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